Real-time Employee Feedback

Know the company you keep.

What if your engagement efforts could reach everyone in your organization immediately — including remote employees, the factory floor, and the corporate office? Vohtr empowers you to gather feedback from everyone — instantly — with our kiosks and apps.

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In-person & On-the-go

Connect with your employees in-person and on-the-go every day with meaningful, fun, and strategic questions. We provide mobile and web apps to engage remote employees and knowledge workers, and on-site kiosks for everyone else to express their opinions simply and immediately.

Inclusive & Engaging

With Vohtr, you can engage employees all day, every day: on the factory floor, in the lobby, in the office, and on the road. Vohtr is especially appropriate for hybrid work environments where many employees do not sit at a computer or use a smartphone on the job.

Plug & Play

If you want kiosks, we’ll ship them to you, and you plug them in. That’s it. If you want the mobile app, your employees can install our iOS and Android apps on their smartphones through the Apple and Google app stores. As long as they have access to their company email account, they’ll have access to Vohtr.



Whether they’re working on the factory floor or in the executive suite, every employee has a voice with Vohtr. If there’s a question an employee wants to ask of the entire company, they can use the app to suggest custom questions to. You and your administrators can review and approve – or reject – the questions employees submit. As your employees engage daily with Vohtr, they receive the signal that they’re not alone and that their opinion matters. This feedback loop fosters feelings of greater control, wellness, and connection… improving morale, mental health, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

High response rate

Scheduling an entire week takes just a minute via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Choose from a library of hundreds of engaging questions or select from any questions you or your employees have suggested through the app. Your administrators can vary the question categories from day to day to surprise, delight, and inspire your employees. Within the first month, your whole company will begin looking forward to answering the question of the day… every day.