Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Engagement

Finding the right employee with the right skillset and the right mindset can feel a bit like trying to find the holy grail. With top talent being so difficult (and expensive) to recruit, keeping your existing team happy and driven is even more important. This is universally true, no matter what industry you may be in. To achieve this, you’ll need to invest in employee engagement activities. Doing so will help foster meaningful career paths for workers and create an environment where staff feels supported in all aspects of their work and personal lives.

Instill Genuine Confidence in Company Leadership

One of the most important driving factors in engagement is employee faith in leadership. Economic uncertainties, rounds of layoffs, and other factors can erode trust. Leaders must be people their staff can emulate, individuals worth looking up to. Creating a culture of transparency and fostering ongoing dialogue amongst management and staff costs so little when compared to the payoffs. Instilling genuine confidence in leadership can increase employee engagement and drive job satisfaction to exponential levels.

Introduce Increasing Levels of Responsibility & High Impact Jobs

Going above and beyond the profit margin is essential to motivating and engaging employees. Employees who feel they have high impact jobs report more satisfaction at work. Instilling a sense of giving back to the community into the company’s DNA is a wonderful way to inject impact and meaning into the workplace. Giving employees the chance to choose a cause to take part in and even to offer extra time to volunteer or run donation campaigns is an easy method to increase impact levels for all members of a company, especially when the cause is relevant to the enterprise mission.

Stand by Ironclad Standards for Behavior for Staff at All Levels

Develop standards for employee behavior collectively, using input from employees. Once standards are in place, employees should sign those standards each year. Standards should be regularly evaluated and revised as needed. Once in place, the rules should be non-negotiable. Excuses such as “it’s not my job” when it comes to employee standards should be addressed without hesitation, no matter who violates those standards.

Crowdsource Innovation from Within the Ranks

It’s no secret that innovation is the key to success when it comes to business, but creating a culture that fosters innovation and creativity can be challenging. Crowdsourcing innovation from within your organization is by far the most effective means to encourage high levels of engagement all around. Staff should be encouraged to collaborate across departments to problem-solve and devise solutions. Regular input regarding everyday challenges should be welcomed no matter where they come from. Sometimes the best solutions come from employees who may not be directly involved with the team that’s grappling with a given situation.

The key takeaway is that an open-door policy just can’t cut it anymore. Companies have to find ways, like Vohtr’s interactive survey solution, to leverage their most prized assets—their people. Surveying employees to gauge satisfaction, develop solutions, uncover problems, and provide input is an intelligent method to foster the highest possible levels of engagement. Implementing kiosks, web-based surveys, and mobile apps to gather information and input from the talent you screened, hired, and continue to charge with moving the company forward is using your resources in the best possible ways.

A strong employee-centric culture can reap many rewards for business. Greater levels of productivity, work satisfaction, and engagement are three major factors gleaned when companies invest in retaining workers they’ve spent dollars and resources in training. Ultimately, it’s about nurturing human relationships, not hoarding human resources. Whether you’ve got a team of twenty, two-hundred, or ten thousand, nurturing those relationships and treating employees like people, instead of just the help, is the key to business success.

Guide to Continuous Improvement

5 Strategies for Improving Morale in the Modern Workplace

Low morale can spoil any working environment and every area of the business can be affected. Customer service, project management, employee relationships, literally everything suffers if morale takes a nosedive. When workplace morale is low, mistakes get made, blame is thrown around, and people’s feelings are hurt. If there’s no joy in the workday, why bother trying?

Leaders must invest in keeping teams motivated and confident. Failing to do so will lead to an increasingly apathetic staff that procrastinates on key tasks, takes longer breaks, and complains about the smallest and simplest requests.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can put in action to avoid

1. Give Them Something to Believe In

Every organization should have a mission statement and every staff member should be able to recite that statement from memory. Your mission statement should be treated like a banner and activities within the company should be measured against it on a regular basis. Employees should also be taught to measure their actions and activities against the company mission. By doing this, you create a culture of unity among staff and employees are more likely to adopt the company’s mission as their own.

Leadership must strive to model this behavior, or else it’s just empty words that will never evolve into the life and breath of the company. The most successful companies have employees that act as evangelists that embrace and share the company’s objectives.

2. Recognize Important Achievements

If someone is excelling at their job, it should be celebrated. Employee achievements should never be overlooked, or underrecognized. Yes, employees are hired to do a job, and to do them well. However, if you’re not actively recognizing members of your tribe who are excelling at the tasks they’re charged with, someone else will. Employees who feel undervalued and underappreciated will feel little reason to be loyal.

3. Have a Little Fun Every Now and Then

The family that plays together, stays together. It’s true. If you can lighten the mood and cut loose every once in a while, it will serve as a great stress reliever and team-building activity. Parties and celebrations are a wonderful way to increase morale, especially after staff has worked hard to achieve specific milestones. Investing in celebrations is a wonderful way to invest in the health and well-being of the company.

4. Don’t Forget About Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits don’t always have to be something big. Gym memberships, tickets to the movies, gift cards, and other little treats are always great motivators. These little initiatives help show employees you care and appreciate what they do. Many places offer on-site childcare, gym facilities, break rooms with special amenities, wifi, etc.. Use your imagination and ask your staff what would make life better for them in the workplace.

5. Ensure Employees Feel Heard

One of the best ways to make sure workplace morale is up is to ensure staff feels their leadership listens to what they say and how they feel. One of the best ways to find out what is going on in the minds of your employees is to ask them. While it isn’t always possible to ask your employees these types of questions individually, it is possible to use kiosks, mobile, apps, and a system like Vohtr to conduct polls on a regular basis to gauge what’s going on in all departments. A plug-and-play system like this is easy to implement, simple to learn, and is a wonderful way to ensure employees feel like their thoughts and opinions are valued by those at the top.

If you have a healthy corporate culture and you’re willing to listen to your employees, solving morale problems can be easy. However, if you’re dealing with deeper issues like financial, leadership, and staffing problems — it’s vital to be transparent about the problems that exist instead of sweeping them under the rug. Ultimately, improving morale means ensuring employees feel respected and heard. Every employee is different, but we all have similar needs. Everyone wants to feel valued and treated fairly. When that foundation is there, it’s easier to handle the small bumps that happen along the way.

Guide to Continuous Improvement



Vohtr App Now Available on iOS and Android!

Easy-to-Use Employee Feedback System

At Vohtr we want to provide an engaging way for companies to measure employee opinions. Today, we are excited to announce the availability of our real-time employee feedback system as a downloadable app, available on both Apple iTunes and Google Play. Now remote employees, can express their opinions daily, in exactly the same way on-site employees do currently with our location based kiosks.

Our solution helps your company transform the way you engage with your employees, allowing them to express their opinions anonymously, daily. We help you constructively address culture and performance challenges before they become roadblocks to success.

Why a mobile app?

Our kiosks play an important role in engaging with employees who are on-site regularly. We’ve seen incredible participation rates (30-40% of on-site employees responding daily!) with our kiosks.

We recognize that many modern companies have teams of remote workers and frequent business travelers. With the availability of the Vohtr mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, companies can reach employees immediately with polls that can inform business issues in real-time. This immediacy contributes to a positive, results-driven culture, improving employee morale and accelerating innovation.

Enable Culture Building & Strategic Decision Making

With Vohtr, you can choose survey questions from our extensive library of topics or select from employee-suggested questions, ensuring that you gain insights unique to your organization. Coupled with the ability to gather employee feedback in real time, we equip you with the information to drive continuous improvement and foster a more positive, connected corporate culture. We give you a simple and powerful tool to connect with your employees and revolutionize your business.

Vohtr customers and their employees can download the app for free using an existing employer-issued login. The app is available today through the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.


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