Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Engagement

Finding the right employee with the right skillset and the right mindset can feel a bit like trying to find the holy grail. With top talent being so difficult (and expensive) to recruit, keeping your existing team happy and driven is even more important. This is universally true, no matter what industry you may be in. To achieve this, you’ll need to invest in employee engagement activities. Doing so will help foster meaningful career paths for workers and create an environment where staff feels supported in all aspects of their work and personal lives.

Instill Genuine Confidence in Company Leadership

One of the most important driving factors in engagement is employee faith in leadership. Economic uncertainties, rounds of layoffs, and other factors can erode trust. Leaders must be people their staff can emulate, individuals worth looking up to. Creating a culture of transparency and fostering ongoing dialogue amongst management and staff costs so little when compared to the payoffs. Instilling genuine confidence in leadership can increase employee engagement and drive job satisfaction to exponential levels.

Introduce Increasing Levels of Responsibility & High Impact Jobs

Going above and beyond the profit margin is essential to motivating and engaging employees. Employees who feel they have high impact jobs report more satisfaction at work. Instilling a sense of giving back to the community into the company’s DNA is a wonderful way to inject impact and meaning into the workplace. Giving employees the chance to choose a cause to take part in and even to offer extra time to volunteer or run donation campaigns is an easy method to increase impact levels for all members of a company, especially when the cause is relevant to the enterprise mission.

Stand by Ironclad Standards for Behavior for Staff at All Levels

Develop standards for employee behavior collectively, using input from employees. Once standards are in place, employees should sign those standards each year. Standards should be regularly evaluated and revised as needed. Once in place, the rules should be non-negotiable. Excuses such as “it’s not my job” when it comes to employee standards should be addressed without hesitation, no matter who violates those standards.

Crowdsource Innovation from Within the Ranks

It’s no secret that innovation is the key to success when it comes to business, but creating a culture that fosters innovation and creativity can be challenging. Crowdsourcing innovation from within your organization is by far the most effective means to encourage high levels of engagement all around. Staff should be encouraged to collaborate across departments to problem-solve and devise solutions. Regular input regarding everyday challenges should be welcomed no matter where they come from. Sometimes the best solutions come from employees who may not be directly involved with the team that’s grappling with a given situation.

The key takeaway is that an open-door policy just can’t cut it anymore. Companies have to find ways, like Vohtr’s interactive survey solution, to leverage their most prized assets—their people. Surveying employees to gauge satisfaction, develop solutions, uncover problems, and provide input is an intelligent method to foster the highest possible levels of engagement. Implementing kiosks, web-based surveys, and mobile apps to gather information and input from the talent you screened, hired, and continue to charge with moving the company forward is using your resources in the best possible ways.

A strong employee-centric culture can reap many rewards for business. Greater levels of productivity, work satisfaction, and engagement are three major factors gleaned when companies invest in retaining workers they’ve spent dollars and resources in training. Ultimately, it’s about nurturing human relationships, not hoarding human resources. Whether you’ve got a team of twenty, two-hundred, or ten thousand, nurturing those relationships and treating employees like people, instead of just the help, is the key to business success.

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